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Airgun Designs HPA

Oh Pawlak


I recently came across a 68 cu. 3000 HPA from Airgun Designs and I am here to spout the truth about the system. The Flatline (not the barrel; but the HPA) is going to have a Hercules type influence on the compressed air system market. Luckily for the rest of the pack, they won't have to run for the life rafts. Not yet at least.

The first selling point for the Flatline is the name behind the system. Airgun Designs is a brand name known for quality and care. Anybody who has owned an Automag or has been in the line of site of a Minimag or RT, truly knows the value of the name of the company that is laser-engraved on each gun. Thus the new Flatline HPA is no different.

In addition to the company behind the Flatline, the standard features of the air system can easily be mistaken for luxury upgrades; but luckily for all of us, they are standard on all the systems. First; there is an on/off switch which is far easier to turn on and off than any of my household light switches. Along with the ease of the switch, there is even a "dummy" sign which tells the owner which direction to turn the switch to stop and open the air valve.

Not only is the Flatline easy to turn on and off; but it comes with small lightweight microguages which were typically associated with high cost add-ons, but now are considered standard on each system. You get a microguage for the output pressure, plus one for the tank pressure which helps you fine tune the performance level of the system to best suit each gun.

Due to the fact that the Flatline is an adjustable pressure air system you aren't restricted to the preset limits of some of the other bargain systems. Airgun Designs even went one step further by providing a legal tournament lock for each regulator. AGD didn't stop there. The brains behind the brawn even provided a cradle system with a built in dropforward. Is there no flaw in this system? Of course it isn't perfect. The removal of the system from the cradle requires the same adjustment tool that is used on the Automag and a "few" systems have gone out with weak seals, but the overall numbers have clearly proven that this system is a winner.

For more info; feel free to contact me personally at my website or 24 hours a day.

Oh Pawlak

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